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2010年11月 8日

RapidSSL Root CA の Upgrade >>インターネット 

Rapid SSLのROOT証明書がアップグレードされます。特にユーザさん側(SSL証明書購入者など)で作業は必要ありません。

In December 2010, RapidSSL will upgrade its public root certificate authorities (CAs).
All SSL certificates enrolled thereafter will be signed from the upgraded CA structure
and hierarchy.

The upgrade will increase the RSA key length, and related strength, of each CA from
1024-bit to 2048-bit. Certificates from the new CAs will be issued from intermediate
roots, creating a stronger, chained CA hierarchy.

- No action is required by customers for their existing valid certificates issued off of
current 1024-bit RSA keys. These certificates will continue to operate correctly and
securely after the upgrade.

- All certificates issued after this upgrade, including renewal and reissued certificates,
will be issued off of this more secure root structure.


投稿者 debizoh : 2010年11月 8日 02:02